The Solomon Islands National Provident Fund participates in “Safe and Green Games Campaign” that was officially launched by the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare on 3rd March 2023 at Lawson Tama Stadium in Honiara.

Speaking at the launching, the Prime Minister Sogavare was impressed with the turn-out of all partners and stakeholders to participate in the parade float to mark the launching of the Safe and Green Games Clean up Campaign.
SINPF as the only Superannuation Fund in the country is committed to supporting efforts that promote a clean environment.

SINPF is proud to joined government ministries, SOEs, NGOs and different Organisations in this “Safe and Green Games Campaign”. Participating in this campaign we hope to execute the objective of making Honiara City clean for the Pacific Games and beyond.

PM Sogavare has reaffirmed that the launching ceremony is the beginning of a long-term Honiara Clean-up campaign as part of promoting a safe and clean Honiara City ready for the Pacific Games in less than 8 months.

PM Sogavare is the minister responsible for the 2023 Pacific Games said Solomon Islands will receive the largest number of visitors, more than 8000 during the Games from November 19th to December 3rd.
“These 8000 plus people will broadcast to the world the impressions and perception of our country, especially the impression of Honiara.

The Prime Minister said it is important that all visitors during the Games return with a good impression of the host country.
“Already Honiara is regarded as one of the dirtiest cities in our region.

“This is not the image of our country we wish our visitors take back when they depart from our shores after the Games.

“Instead we want each of our visitors to have a pleasant and memorable experience of our country and our capital city from the moment they step off their flights on their arrival until the moment they board their flights to take them home,” PM Sogavare resonated.

Prime Minister Sogavare concluded by urging all citizens to work together in the next 262 days to ensure Honiara city is safe, green and clean.

The Prime Minister has highlighted that it is important that our visitors have a pleasant and memorable experience of our country from the moment they disembark the plane until the moment they depart and that to achieve this, we must work together within the next 262 days to ensure our City is Safe, Green, and clean.

The National Hosting Authority Chairman Dr. Jimmie Rodgers adds on that our aim is to leave a beautiful legacy after the games by improving the image of the city and quality of life for its resident.
Witnessing the official launching were Government Ministers, Members of Parliament (MPs), Members of the Opposition National Parliamentary Group, Government Ministries, Faith-based Organisations, SOEs, NGOs, Wards in Honiara, Honiara Schools, Diplomatic Corps, Civil Societies Groups and the general public.

The campaign commences on Saturday 4th March 2023 with a big clean-up campaign in Honiara City and end up with a combined service at Saint Barnabas Cathedral on Sunday March 5th, 2023.

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