Membership Registration

Registration of employees with the Fund is dual responsibility of the Employer and the Employee. It is a legal requirement that the employer registered its employee with the Fund within 14 days of employment and employee is required to furnish all necessary information to the employer.

Ordinary Membership
Ordinary member is a wage-earning worker who is employed by an employer under the provision of the SINPF Act (Cap 109).

Following category of members can be exempted from membership of the Fund under the SINPF Act (Cap 109):

√  A child as defined in the Employment Act
√  Any person who is a member of other Social Security Scheme established by the provisions  of any other Act.
√  Any person who is not citizen of Solomon Islands
√  Any person has the privileges extended to him/her under the Diplomatic Privileges.

Voluntary Membership
Voluntary membership is a scheme provided for under the SINPF Act through which a person who is not otherwise entitled to contribute to the Fund may pay contributions to the Fund in respect of himself or herself.

Qualification for Voluntary Membership Scheme;
A person must between 16 yrs and 35 years and who do not fall within the definition of “employee” as stipulated under the SINPF Act.

A person who is already a member of the Fund but ceases to be an “employee” as defined under the SINPF Act and contribute for at least two consecutive half and within six months from the date of payment of the last contributions.

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