An employer is any person, company, association or body of persons employing an employee under a contract of service, apprenticeship or a contract for service. An employer is liable to pay monthly contributions after hiring an employee for 6 or more days and paid a wage of $20.00 or more in a month.

It is a legal requirement under NPF Act (Cap 109) that every employer must registered with the SINPF Board within 14 days after commencement of business operations. Every employer are also required to register their employees (if not yet registered) within 14 days of commencement of employment.

Become an Employer

In order for an employer to register with SINPF, the following will need to be complied with:

  1. Complete Employers Registration form (NPF3 Form).
  2. Submit with all required documents to any nearest SINPF office.
  3. Once registered, SINPF will allot an employer’s reference number and inform concern employer immediately. Download NPF3 Form

Role of the Employer

The role of the employer is of a parental care, having concern for the future financial security of its employees. It is important that the employer understands its responsibility as follows:

  1. Register as an Employer with SINPF
  2. Register all its Employees with regardless of work status i.e. attached, casual, temporary, contract or permanent.
  3. Remit all employees monthly contribution when its due.
  4. Submit the appropriate contribution schedules (EDI) summarizing employees contribution on or before the due date.

How to Register your Employees

  1. Complete the registration employee form (NPF6)
  2. Submit form and required documents to the SINPF office nearest to you
  3. Please ensure that your employee’s records are correct and matches vital documents i.e. birth certificate. Download NPF6 Form

How do Employers Pay Contribution?

  1. Payments should be paid through any SINPF office or through SINPF bank account and should be accompanied with a completed contribution schedule form (EDI) send to edi(at)sinpf.org.sb.
  2. SINPF bank account number can be obtain upon request to edi(at)sinpf.org.sb.
  3. The contribution schedule form (EDI) should detail the full 12.5% amount allocated to each individual employee including any employee voluntary increases.


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